Participation in Olympic Qualifying Events at Own Cost

All the Affiliated State Judo Associations &
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Sub. :  Participation of Indian Judo Players in the forthcoming Olympic Qualifying Events and Commonwealth Judo Championships 2016.


I would like to inform you that as per the Calendar of International Judo Federation, the last Olympic Qualifying Events will be held in May 2016. As on date none of the Judokas have qualified for the Olympic Games although some players have got good points which will be considered by IJF for Qualification. In view of the above, in addition to the Government Cost events, JFI has decided to allow such Judo Players those who are placed 1st or 2nd position in the last Open Selection Trials held on 9th January 2016 at SAI, Bhopal, at Own Cost, for the below mentioned, Olympic Qualification Events.

1] Judo Grand Prix – 2016, Georgia : 25 – 27, March 2016, Tbilisi
2]  Judo Grand Prix – 2016, Turkey  : 1 – 3, April 2016, Samsun
3] Judo Grand Slam – 2016, Azerbaijan  : 6 -8, May 2016, Baku
4] Judo Grand Prix – 2016, Kazakhstan : 13 – 15, May 2016, Almaty

JFI will also allow the 2nd position holders of the above referred trials on 9th January 2016, for Commonwealth Judo Championships 2016, at Own Cost. List of eligible players is enclosed.

Those who are interested to participate in the above Olympic Qualifying Events / Commonwealth Judo Championships, are required to deposit minimum amount of amount of Rs.2 Lacs, per player towards the booking of Boarding and Lodging, Airfare, Visa, Insurance. The expenditure will be settled on actual basis, after the event. The amount must be deposited before 25 days prior to the event as the Final Entry must be sent to IJF before 21 days before the event.

It is also mandatory to fulfill all other formalities like Official back-number, IJF Registration Card, IJF Approved Judo Dress etc., by the individual.

With best regards,

( Mukesh Kumar )

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