Open Selection Trials for Junior (Men & Women) at I.G. Stadium, New Delhi

The President/ Secretary,

All the affiliated State Judo Associations & Departmental Units

Sub.  : Open Selection Trials for Junior (Men & Women) at I.G. Stadium, I.P. Estate, New Delhi




Judo Federation of India is holding an Open Selection Trials for Junior Boys and Girls from 9th to 11th September 2021 at Main Hall, I. G. Stadium, ITO, New Delhi.  The selection trials are being conducting to select the Indian Judo Team (Junior Men & Women) for the World Junior Judo Championships/forthcoming International events.


The World Junior Judo Championships-2021is scheduled to be held from 6th to 10th October 2021 at Olbia, Italy.

The participation at Govt. Cost in the above events, subject to the approval of SAI/Govt and getting Visa.  In case the Govt. does not approve at Govt. Cost., the Individuals have to meet all the expenses for the participation in the above events and an undertaking must be submitted to JFI for the confirmation of participation/entry, soon after the selection.




1]         RT-PCR TEST Report (Negative) validity 72 Hours)

2]         Face Mask

3]         Passport in Original with a validity till May 2022 

4]      Self Declaration duly filled and signed (copyattached - submit hard copy)

5]         Rs.500/-(Rupees Five hundred only) needs to pay in cash towards the Entry Fee Rs.300/- and Rs.200/-per person for Lunch and water for ONE day (i.e only for competition day)


6] No players will be allowed to go outside of the venue until his/her bouts over).

7] Age Proof (Birth Certificate which must be issued within 5 years after birth) & Passport.

8]         All the players/officials must follow the Covid-19 Protocol as per Govt. revised SOP (copy attached).


9]  Due to Covid =19 SOP, Entries will be restricted in the stadium/venue, Please note that :

    a.    Only 2 Coaches will be allowed to enter in the venue/stadium with each state          teams


    b.  On 9th September 2021, during accreditation 2 coaches for Men and 2 coaches for Women will be        allowed to enter at the venue/stadium,


c.         On 10th September 2021, only 2 coaches of each state women team will be allowed to enter in the   arena during bouts.  


 d.        One 11th September 2021, only 2 coaches of each state Men team will be allowed to enter in the      arena during  bouts.  


Rules and Regulations for

Open Selection Trials for Juniors (MEN & WOMEN)

9th- 11th September 2021


1.         Tentative Schedule of the Trials are:



Local time

Tournament Scheduled - Day 1


9th-September-2021 – Thursday

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Arrival of Junior Team Men and Women (Statewise)

a)    Accreditation, age proof documents, Passport verification (passport validity date has to be as per JFI circular), Birth Certificate (*Certificate date validity has to be till 5 years from birthday) and entries- Junior Men – Room No: 1



b)    Accreditation, age proof documents, Passport verification,  (passport validity date has to be as per JFI circular), Birth Certificate (*Certificate date validity has to be till 5 years from birthday) Junior Women – Room No: 2

Main Hall, I. G. Stadium, New Delhi

4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Unofficial Weigh-In - Junior Women

Main Hall, I. G. Stadium, New Delhi

5:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Official Weigh-In - Junior Women

(Below 48 KG, -52 KG, -57 KG, -63 KG, -70 KG, - 78 KG and above 78 KG)

 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM




Local time

Tournament Scheduled - Day 2


10th-September-2021 – Friday

8:30 AM

Random Weigh-In

Main Hall, I. G. Stadium, New Delhi

9:00 AM

Elimination rounds, Repechage, Semi-finals (Junior Women)

5:00 PM

Final Blocks

6:00 PM to 6:30 PM

Unofficial Weigh-In – Junior Men

6:30 PM to 7:00 PM


Official Weigh-In - Junior Men

(Below 60 KG, -66 KG, -73 KG, -81 KG, -90 KG, - 100 KG and above 100 KG)

 Departure of all participants (after finishing their bouts)  


Local time

Tournament Scheduled - Day 3

Main Hall, I. G. Stadium, New Delhi

11th-September-2021 – Saturday

8:30 AM

Random Weigh-In

Main Hall, I. G. Stadium, New Delhi

9:00 AM

Elimination rounds, Repechage, Semi-finals (Junior Men)

5:00 PM

Final Blocks

Departure of all participants (after finishing their bouts)  


2.          Weight Categories: The selection trials will be held for the following weight categories:-

            Men      :  Below 60Kg, -66Kg, -73Kg, -81Kg, and -90Kg, -100Kg and +100Kg

            Women :  Below 48Kg, -52Kg, -57Kg, -63Kg, -70Kg, -78Kg and +78Kg





Men and Women under 21, age 15 to 20 years (calendar year).

(must be born between 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 )


Reminders: For contestants under 18 year old, the secondary entry must be countersigned by parent / guardian.


4.         CONTEST TIME:

                        Men : Four (4) Minutes               Women : Four(4) minutes

                        The “Golden Score” with no time limit, till Referee’s decision is called.


5.         The following important points may please be noted for the trials:


5.1       All the players/participants must follow the protocol of the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports,           Govt. of India ( copy attached ). The following documents/protocol are mandatory to participate under the Covid-19 SOP:


a          All the players must submit a NEGATIVE Report on Covid-19 RT-PCR Test issued 72 hours prior to     the Trials and it must be sent to the Email

b.         The above RT-PCR Test must be done at any of the ICMR approved Laboratories

c           MUST be wear a MASK to cover face at all times with minimum two lair and should not the valve      type mask.

d.         All the participants must frequently do hand wash with soap (at least 40-60 seconds ) wherever        feasible.

e.         Self-monitoring of health by all the participants and must report to the Technical Officials in case     of any illness.

f.          Spitting in the field of play, arena are strictly prohibited


 g.        All the participants must installed the Aarogya Setu App, and must be updated.


 6]         CONTEST RULES : The trials will be conducted on the basis of  JFI/IJF Contest Rules          Regulations and the Sporting Code . The matches will be conducted on knock out cum repechage,         as per the current IJF Rules.




a.         A player can participate in One Weight Category only. However, more than one player can participate in each weight category from one State, as there is no limit for participation of players in each category.


b.         Those who will select in the Team, under 18 year old, must submit the Undertaking countersigned   by parent / guardian.


c.         All players must have valid Passport.  Players who have not valid passport, will not be allowed to     participate in the trials. Validity of the passports must have till May 2022.


d.         Participation is allowed only through affiliated State Judo Associations & Departmental Units ( only for trials ), and to submit the Entry Form duly filled and signed by the President / Secretary of the State Judo Associations and the in-charges of Departmental Units is to be singed the Entry Forms.


e.        DEADLINE FOR FINAL ENTRY:  The Final Entry Form is attached with this circular, and requested to send back the Entry Forms duly filled and signed & stamped must be received by JFI latest by 31st August 2021. Entry forms may send to JFI EMAIL:  NO ENTRY WILL BE ENTERTAINED AT THE TIME OF ACCREDITATION (I.E 9TH SEPT.2021) AT THE VENUE. 


f.          The players must attend the Coaching Camp from 20th September 2021 till departure for World Judo Championships / 19th October 2021 at IIS Bellary. No Leave will be permitted until and unless there is an emergency. In case of not reporting without any valid reason, in the National Camp he/she will be punishable as per the decision of Disciplinary Committee. In Case There will be no national coaching camps till further notice, all selected players have to train at their own clubs/centers under their personal coaches


g.         In case of the selected player of the team/camp will not report in the National Camp from the beginning, he/she will be replaced from the team/camp by second position holder of the respective weight category, without any information/notice.


h.         The players to participate at his/her own risk. Judo Federation of India is not responsible for any      kind of injury/accidents during the trials/journey.


i.          All the expenses i.e. Boarding, Loading, Traveling etc. are to be borne by the Individuals/State        Association, to participate in the selection trials.


j.          All the players MUST BRING HIS/HER ORIGINAL BIRTH Certificate which must be issued within five years from his/her birth, must be issued by Municipal/Panchayat or any other concerned Govt. Authority OR Original      Certificate issued by the Chief Medical Officer, of the respective area, on official letter head.


k.         In addition to the above all the players MUST BRING the  Aadhar Card and Original Passport which must be valid till May 2022.


l.          Must be a JFI Registered player, those who have not registered is to get register with JFI, through     JFI online registration system ( ) .


m.        The decision of the Selection Committee will be treated as final.





The winner of each category will be qualified for the Indian Judo Team, subject to the Physical Fitness Test, etc.. The final decision of the selection of teams including National Campers will be as per the recommendation/decision  of the Selection Committee.




a]      In case any player fail to submit the Original documents mentioned in the above, he/she will be          disqualified.


b]           In case of any player found over-age he / she will be disqualified.


c]      Any player / official participating/officiating in the trials, who by word, action or deed disrupts and     or/interrupts the smooth and normal conduct of the trials on or off the mat, will be liable for     immediate disqualification, and to face the disciplinary action.


d]         Any player/official who do not follow the Covid-19 protocol as per the SOP of MYAS will be    disqualified with immediate effect.


10]         ENTRY FEE& LUNCH CHARGES:An amount of Rs.500/- (Rupees Five hundred only) is to be paid in Cash during the accreditation towards Rs.300/-as Entry Fee and Rs.200/-Per person towards Lunch an water charges for ONE day (i.e. for competition day only).



 a)    Boarding, Lodging and Transportation are at own arrangements, JFI is not responsible for the same.


b)    Due to covid protocol none of the participants are allowed go outside of the Venue/arena till his/her bouts end. Therefore, JFI will arrange for the Lunch and water for one days (i.e. on 10/09/2021 for Women and for 11/09/2021 for Men ) ion day only)  of @Rs.200/- (Rupees Two hundred only) per person.


12]    All players also to must submit the RT-PCR Test report and a Self-Declaration on Covid-19 during     the Registration.


13]      In case the Govt./SAI will not approve the events at govt. Cost, the selected players needs to take    the expenses for their participation, for which an undertaking is to be submitted to JFI.


14]        It is not compulsory that JFI to send all weight categories for the above referred events, it will be      decided after the trials and considering past performance and medical fitness etc., by the            selection committee


 15 ]       The decision of the Selection Committee will be treated as final





            All the player MUST complete / obtain the following soon after their selection in the Indian Judo      Team:


a.         Visa & Entry: Submit the required documents visa and entry, like Passport, Photograph  - 4 Nos.      (35mm x 45mm size, with white background, 70-80% clause-up ), Individual Bank Statements for       last 6 months, NOC from School/College etc.


b.         IJF Registration : This can be done only through JFI Office, for which the documents required are,             valid passport, photograph, and Credit/Debit Card to make online payment, approximate EURO-  67=00 per person. This registration is mandatory to submit online Entry and is valid from two          years. This registration MUST DO BEFORE 13/09/2021, failing which the athlete could not   participate in this event.


C           Judo Dress: Each player must have Two pair of IJF APPROVED Judo Dress (1 white & 1 Blue ),      which    can purchase online. List of approved companies will get from             URL


d.         Back number: Each player must have also minimum Two IJF BACKNUMBER for placing on the Judo             Dress (1 white & 1 Blue ), which be purchased online.

There are two companies are approved by the IJF, and their URL is:

1]  2]  


17]       ANTI-DOPE TEST:


Anti-Doping tests will be carried out in accordance with the rules. All the players must go for the Anti-dope test with NADA, before leaving India for participating in International events. Contact JFI for assistance.



( Venkat Namisetty )
General Secretary ( Interim )

Entry Form for ST 2021 - JUNIORS


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