Amendments to the IJF COVID-19 Protocol (v. 10 February 2022)

Mr. President, Ms. President,


The judo community has reached an important milestone; the average vaccination and/or recovery level is now steadily around 80% for the IJF World Judo Tour events. This allows the following amendments to the IJF COVID-19 Protocol and their application for IJF events from the Tbilisi Grand Slam 2022.


Continental unions and national federations may apply the amendments with immediate effect.


- bubble system

Partial bubble: participants may exit their hotel for “work activities” i.e., run/ walk to training and/or competition venue, general exercising, running etc., not for tourist activities. Visiting the host city for sightseeing or shopping is still not allowed during a competition. Delegations are expected to control themselves to reduce the risk of infection.


- mask wearing

Mask wearing is optional*, unless it is mandated by the host country’s government with the exceptions of competing/refereeing/coaching/awarding ceremony, on/at the Field of Play tatami, on the warm-up tatami whilst warming up or on the training tatami whilst training, or while eating in designated dining areas.

*The IJF Medical Commission still recommend the wearing of masks in areas where social distancing is not possible.


- testing requirements before and after arrival (see attachment)

For vaccinated: no change.

For non-vaccinated / with vaccination older than 6 months: same as for vaccinated until further notice.


For those who have tested positive within one month to their intended arrival to an event, the status “Recovered” (a dated positive PCR test, a positive antigen test or recovery certificate must be uploaded to is introduced with the following testing protocol:

Recovered: 1 negative PCR test before arrival, 1 antigen test upon arrival (if permitted by the host country, otherwise 1 PCR), 1 antigen 24h after arrival, 1 antigen before weigh-in / 48h after arrival for non-athletes.


People claiming the RECOVERED status for an event MUST contact the IJF via in advance before they start their travel.


A PCR test is understood as any nasopharyngeal or saliva NAAT test.


A revised IJF COVID-19 Protocol is to be published after the observations of the above amendments.


Further softening of the IJF COVID-19 Protocol will be made once the vaccination/recovery levels reach 85% or higher. Therefore, we encourage the judo family to continue to report/upload their vaccination documents.


For any questions about the amendments, please, write to


International Judo Federation

Amendments to IJF COVID-19 Protocol

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