Message from the Hon'ble Administrator JFI

Dear Judo Family,

On the occasion of World Judo Day 28th October, as well as the birthday of father of Judo Prof. Jigoro Kano, I take this opportunity to congratulate all of you for a wonderful day and wishing you all the best in your Judo Career.

I would also request you all to understand about the theme of the International Judo Federation “Inclusion “  

“The theme of inclusion has several dimensions. First of all, it calls for the inclusion of women at all levels of judo, from early childhood to adulthood. Our sport is thus based on a concept of non-discrimination and we call on all judoka, all sports associations and all federations to show that women have their place and their rights must be included in judo, whether women are practitioners, leaders, coaches, referees, in any role”.

Wishing you all a Happy World Judo Day,


Justice Pankaj Naqvi ( Retd.),
Judo Federation of India.

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