Important Note from RO and Declaration form for Candidate : JFI Election


You are directed to make the following arrangements at the Voting Location of the JFI Election that is scheduled to be held on 10th February 2018 at New Delhi:

1.       Each Candidate may be allowed  5- 10 minutes for making a presentation on his/her  manifesto, and  Action Plan for next 4 years if elected.

2.       For this purpose, please ensure availability of Audio system,  Projector, PC/Laptop    etc. at   the venue of the election/Voting .

3.       No person other than those whose name is entered in the Electoral Roll and others duly authorized, shall be allowed inside the Voting hall.

4.       Please maintain an Attendance Register which will be duly signed by all attendees.  

5.       Serious note will be taken if any illegal canvassing by any  candidate is observed.

6.       Maps of Nomination Venue and Voting Venue be put on JFI Website.

Dr. Nivedita P Haran, IAS ( Retd.)

Returning Officer

For the Election of JFI
-       Assistant Secretary, JFI
-       On JFI Website


Declaration Form for Candidate

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